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Scientific studies have shown that giving and bringing joy to others and generosity triggers happiness hormones. So is there any better way to show your loved ones affection and how much they mean to you?

Valentine's Day is coming closer and in case you need some inspiration or ideas how to create a day full of joy and happiness… In2Spanish is here to help!

Luckily Valentines Day is on a Friday this year, so why should you only celebrate it for one day when you can plan a whole weekend with romantic activities?

Invite your significant other or your best friend to a weekend in Madrid! “Dear Hotel” is a hotel in Madrid (as its name already says). Its exclusive and elegant design makes you want to stay there forever. But there is another special secret about that hotel… They have a pool with a view of Madrid on top of their building! Is there a more romantic thing than sipping cocktails in a pool while watching the sunset? (For guests, non-guests can sit in a different lounge on the same floor.)

As we are talking about swimming and water…

The Arab Baths “Hammam Al Ándalus Baños Árabes Madrid” is also a special idea to spend your day with. It’s a great experience to relax. The setting is very comfortable and beautiful, they offer various treatments to take care of your body and soul. You can start with spending one out of 1001 nights here.

Teléferico de Madrid, Casa de Campo

The Teléferico de Madrid is a cable railway, between Argüelles and Casa de Campo. You can start from Argüelles, while discovering Madrid from above. You can also buy a ticket for both ways, but we recommend to stop and go for a walking tour in Casa de Campo. While going back towards Madrid, you can pass a small lake “Lago de Casa de Campo” where restaurants and cafés are waiting for you to take a break. If you are down for action and fun, there is also a theme park at Casa de Campo!

Palacio Madrid

A romantic walk around the Royal Palace in Madrid! With your significant other in one hand, in the other hand a cone with ice cream. Or coffee. It doesn’t matter what, the most important thing is to spend time together, while walking around Madrid. It is also worth it to visit the Royal Botanical Gardens!


Madrid has a great infrastructure to get to new places you might have not been before. You can easily take the bus and explore new “pueblos”. Daytrips are easy and you can spend time together while creating memories that will last for a lifetime. A trip to Segovia or Toledo is perfect! You can walk through narrow streets and let the charme of these cities take over you.

Watch the sunset

Did you know, that Madrid has a whole list with beautiful rooftop bars? Sipping cool drinks, while watching the sunset and appreciating life. It is simple, but yet a great way to remind yourself to appreciate the small things in life.


We have a few places for you to go out for brunch, lunch or dinner.


Carmencita Bar

Calle de San Vicente Ferrer, 51, 28015 Madrid

Carmencita is the place to get delicious brunch and cocktails at the same time! They have a great offer and we assure you, you definitely will be full after a plate of eggs benedict with salmon and avocado. You can also find burgers and cakes here. And we loved the cappuccino there, sprinkled with cacao or cinnamon powder, it was fantastic!


Garden of Salvador Bachiller

Calle de la Montera, 37, 28013 Madrid

A cozy place, hidden, right in the centre of Madrid

You have to go through the store of Salvador Bachiller in order to get to the beautiful secret garden. The decoration is a mix of everything, but still, everything seems to fit together perfectly in harmony. They even have a Hollywood swing! It’s a good escape while being right in the middle of the city centre to rest and drink a coffee.


La Tita Rivera

Calle de Pérez Galdós, 4, 28004 Madrid

The restaurant also located in Chueca looks quite normal from the outside, almost like every other restaurant in this district. But what perhaps not everyone does know is the fact that you have pass through the restaurant to get to the garden, the inner courtyard. You can get chilled drinks and delicious food in this oasis with plants and its cozy atmosphere.


El Viajero

Plaza de la Cebada, 11, 28005 Madrid

El viajero in La Latina has a small rooftop bar where you can eat and drink. You have to wait in line in order to get a place outside, but it usually doesn’t take a long time. Meanwhile you can get yourself a drink and have a chat with your friends.

Appreciate people and your surroundings, tell people you love them, and that you are glad that they are a part of your life. Not only on Valentine's Day, but every day. Valentine's Day is just the beginning to remind ourselves to start. The small things in life matter.

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Author: Thanh Truc Bui