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The Bucket List Course: 15 group lessons per week + 3 cultural activities

Learn Spanish in Spain for over 50s or older who wish to combine learning Spanish with cultural, social and recreational experiences.

Learning from like-minded people around the world will help you lose any inhibitions you may have about being “too old” to learn Spanish.

The lessons are emphasised on communication and these activities will also help immerse participants in the local culture, cuisine and history. Through connecting the language with its culture, the programmes make studying fun. Everything about them encourages cultural exchange.

By following this course, participants can improve their general level of Spanish, learn key vocabulary, functional and situational Spanish phrases which will enable participants to communicate easily in Spanish anywhere in the world.

Our teachers set up purposely designed communicative activities to give participants maximum opportunities to practice with other mature individuals.

Learning Spanish Process

The Key to Being a Successful Language Learner is Motivation, Not Age: While a child may have stronger powers of mimicry and retention, adults are still quite capable of absorbing new information.

It just might take a little more motivation. The advantage here is that adult learners typically want to learn, whereas children are forced to and therefore tend to tune out. Choosing to learn a new language as an adult should mean that you’re more enthusiastic about the lessons, making them easier to absorb“.

K Hakuta, E Bialystok, E Wiley Psychological science, 2003 –

This program is for you if...

Our The Bucket List Courses aim to:

  • Build your confidence in speaking Spanish.
  • Help you improve your understanding of
    spoken Spanish.
  • Show you the beautiful of Madrid.
  • Introduce you to different aspects of life and
    culture in Spain.
  • Guide you around historic towns, villages, parks
    and gardens.
  • Allow you to meet new people and make
    new friends.

What does the price include?

Level test, welcome pack, necessary didactic material, group Spanish classes, complementary activities during the weekdays and certificates of attendance or use.

Key data

  • Course duration: 1 - 52 weeks.
  • Start level: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2.
  • Minimum age: 50 years old.
  • Course Type: The Bucket List.
  • Class size: Average 8, maximum 10 students per group


  • Schedule: From Monday to Friday, from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. .
  • Lessons per week: 15 sessions.
  • Lessons per day: 3 sessions.
  • Rest: a 20 minutes break.
  • Start dates: Every Monday of the year (except holidays).

Price List

From 1 to 4 weeks
250 €
Mora than 4 weeks
230 €

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