12 Spanish Idioms that Will Make You Sound Like a Native Speaker

In2Spanish » 12 Spanish Idioms that Will Make You Sound Like a Native Speaker

We’ve all been there: you’re speaking in a foreign language with a native speaker and all is going well, until unexpectedly they say something completely unusual like:

“ No puedo tío, es que tengo un mogollón de cosas que hacer” (“I can't man, I have a lot of things to do”).

“No nos líes con explicaciones que no vienen a cuento” (“Do not complicate with explanations that are not relevant”).

“Estoy flipando en mil colores” ("I'm freaking out”).

To understand Spanish as it is spoken in real life, you have to be familiar with idioms. They are used so much in everyday Spanish that it is important to be aware of them.

When learning any new language, phrases and expressions are important, so here are 12 common phrases you will likely hear in the real Spanish speaking world.

  1. ¿No me digas que también curra los domingos? ( "Don't tell me he also works on Sundays?”)
  2. ¡Es maja la criatura!  (The child is precious!) ; ¡Pero qué majo es!  (he’s very nice!).
  3. No le cuentes nada a Fabio. Es un cotilla de aúpa.  (Don’t tell Fabio. He's a terrible gossip).
  4. Le tira la caña a todas las chicas que pasan (“He flirts with every girl that walks by”).
  5. Mejor no vayas a ver esa peli, ¡es un rollo! ("You better not go see that movie, it's really boring!”).
  6. Tu camiseta tiene una pinta muy chunga. (“That t-shirt looks pretty dodgy. You'd better buy another one”).
  7. Vengo a darte por saco un rato. ("I come to annoy you for a while”).
  8. La he liado, pero parda, parda, tío. (I’ve messed everything up, but badly, badly, man”).
  9. Si todos pierden, sí soy un gafe. (“Everyone losing means I really am a cooler”).
  10. Tío, esa peli mola mucho. (“Man, that movie rocks”).
  11. ¡El concierto de Rosalía ha estado súper guay! (Rosalía's concert was super good!).
  12. Me gusta mucho tu coche nuevo, está super chulo. (“I really like your new car, it's super cool”).

Idioms are a natural part of any language and they will help you understand the language better in daily situations such as hanging out with your friends in a bar. Remember that the best Spanish language learners always keep their eye on the ball.